May 2021

Windows gets a Package Manager

A package manager shows all the installed software, version numbers and allows installing/UN-installing/updating. From the command line. I can imagine this working well in conjunction with a persistent VPN like TailScale, WireGuard or ZeroTier to provide solid management of off-site laptops. Why is this relevant?IT often uses a command line method to manage work-from-home laptops, …

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a HoneyPot is a server or IP address that logs traffic that attempts to logon to it. It is generally deployed on a private network and it’s visibility is limited to that network. It works well enough but does generate some alerts whenever an inventory/vulnerability scan runs. a HoneyDoc works in a similar manner to …

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Politically Correct Replacement IT Terms

While we are replacing terms that could be offensive, lets be a little creative since we are making a change it might as well be a good one. white hat CyberHero, light hat, BlueTeamer, black hat CyberVillian, dark hat, NoGoodNic, white list Allow list blacklist Block list man-in-the-middle mim: monkey in the middle,

Cable Testers

A recent new facility is having a lot of problems with wiring, Wifi APs going offline, and high latency. I suspect the wiring as it’s all new and some patch cables were created onsite. A new server only connected at 100mbps and when the patch cable was replace with a new, store-bought cable the connection …

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Outlook troubleshooting

If Outlook doesn’t display the email body in the right pane or such close outlook WindowsKey+R to get a run box Outlook.exe /Safe If Outlook works in safe mode you may need to switch Themes or disable Dark mode a good list of options here

Cable Tester

Don’t plug a cable tester into a switch. Our team just spent the entire day diagnosing this The network symptoms were increased latency, ping times to wired devices should be under 1ms but they fluctuated between 6-10ms. Some network ports wouldn’t connect at their full speed and duplex when set to auto, don’t know if …

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