January 2020

LetsEncrypt Windows

LetsEncrypt provides Free SSL Certificates using automated methods to prove you own the DNS or Website. But the certificates provided are only valid for 90 days. This was done purposefully because Certificate Revocation is broken. The intention is to use automation to work around the 90 day limit. On Windows we are going to use …

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Fortinet daily reboot

I administer some Fortigate firewalls. After upgrading to v6.2.x we have been getting and error about Memory Conserve Mode and the Firewall stops passing traffic! the work-around is a scheduled reboot of the firewall every evening with the following commands config system global set daily-restart enable end you can also use the SHOW command to …

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Go-Daddy + Firefox

If you are having odd problems managing Go-Daddy certificates, try using Chrome instead of Firefox. I could not change Subject Alternative Names using Firefox, it repeatedly re-issued the existing certificate with same SubjAltNames. Chrome worked fine. Could also be the uBlock Origin plug-in added to Firefox, although Go-Daddy was whitelisted.

Pwnmagochi Project

Built a tiny Wifi hash stealing gadget out of a Raspberry Pi 0W and an E-Ink display. Details here Now I need a case to keep it safe from shorting pins and static electricity.

Microsoft the snitch

Hashem Kadesh got caught sending himself invoices. The damning evidence was that some of the Invoices were made in Microsoft Word. Word secretly water-marks/meta-data the author’s name in each document, allowing the court to verify that the documents were made on his computer, sent to himself, approved and paid by him. Interactive Systems, Rack10 $4.5million …

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