August 2021

My Fav Quotes

You can’t turn the crank on the sausage grinder backwards and expect pigs to come out – Cliff Stoll, Cuckoo’s Egg If Builders built buildings the way coders code programs the first woodpecker to come along would destroy civilization. – Cliff Stoll, Cuckoo’s Egg The test of a first–rate intelligence is the ability to hold …

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Win11 on RasPi4

Recently installed Windows 11 (test build) on Raspberry Pi 4 8gb. Also tested on 4gb. Worked pretty good on both, Windows takes about 3Gb of Ram so the 8gb model is a must for anything other than proof of concept. I ran off the uSD card for about 3 weeks without problems. Bought an external …

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GeoFiltering Office365 logins

Requires:1 mgt account with P1 license $8/mother user can be a basic user license Login as mgt account Set Named Locations will need a named location for each country you want to allow logins from Set Conditional Access Rules Conditional Access – Azure Active Directory admin centerUsers and Groups; choose everyone but exclude your …

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