February 2021

Renew an RdWeb Certificate

This is the procedure for a paid certificate, i’ll create another procedure for a free certificate from ZeroSSL or LetsEncrypt. The process starts on the server where you create a Certificate request. This is the safe method, where the private key never leaves your server. Your Certificate provider CAN create both the public and private …

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Microsoft 2fa

2FA is free even on a basic license but you need to use the Microsoft Authenticator App which can be installed from the Google Playstore or Apple Store. here is the super secret setup link https://aka.ms/mfasetup You will need access to your phone AND a computer to complete this procedure. After changing phones M$ Authenticator …

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Next Projects to Investigate

PowerShell Win Reporting; security alerts sent to M$ Teams! easy to install? IF installing a package or Module gives errors you may need to enable TLS 1.2 as described here Set-ExecutionPolicy UnrestrictedInstall-PackageProvider -Name “NuGet”Install-Module PSTeamsInstall-Module PSEventViewerInstall-Module PSWinReportingInstall-Module PSWriteColorInstall-Module ImportExcelInstall-Module PSSlackhttps://evotec.xyz/hub/scripts/pswinreporting-powershell-module/ RaspberryPi Kiosk display; none of these can supply username/pwYoDeck; works w 4k monitors, power on/off, …

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Set the PostMaster email address in Office365

The PostMaster email address is required by ZeroSSL and other cloud services to verify that you own the domain in question. Run Powershell as administrator Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestrictedwarning = Y Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement -RequiredVersion 2.0.3if Install-Module is not recognized you will need to install DotNetFramework 5.1+ see here You will need to respond Yes to 2 …

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NextCloud Work from Home

NextCloud is a great application that was originally designed to be a DropBox alternative but quickly grew to much more. It has a single pane integration of Files, Email, Contacts, Calendar, Chat, Audio/Video Conf +more. Functionality is extended through Plugins Pros:Single pane = works on anything with a modern browserApps for Android and iPhoneOnsite = …

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Windows 10 Security

Nice article about the new security features in Windows 10 https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-features-that-boost-your-pcs-security-and-privacy/