Computer Blue Screens when turned on

Take a picture of the bluescreen and research the code

Update your drivers
start menu, Settings gear, Update & Security, Check for Updates
Feature updates may help but normally they just add new features
If there are driver updates that Windows knows about, they will appear as a separate link that needs to be clicked to install, not applied automatically.

The above isn’t a guarantee that your drivers are updated
goto your motherboard manufacturer website, they should have a list of drivers for anything built onto your motherboard

If you have an expensive GPU you may want to check for driver updates if they don’t get updated automatically.

Motherboard Firmware update
to find your motherboard manufacturer and model # you can
-start, type sysinfo32, should be 6th and 7th item listed, if you have an uncommon manufacturer your model# may not be listed
-Open the case a read it off the motherboard
goto your motherboard manufacturer website and download the latest firmware / bios
hopefully your firmware can be installed from windows
if not you will need to save the firmware to a bootable usb stick as well as the update tool, reboot your pc, press the button (f12 maybe?) repeatedly while booting that lets you choose the boot device (its different for each manufacturer and there is no standard) choose the bootable usb, boot into dos? type the name of your firmware update tool space name of your bios update. DONT turn the PC off while it is updating. if its a laptop, plug it in. you won’t be allowed to install the wrong bios.

ya its complicated but you don’t need to do it often