Month: December 2019

Chrome Password Audit

https://passwords.google.com will show you what passwords you have saved in Chrome browser and let you do a password checkup that compares your passwords to the list found in recent password [ … ]

OPNsense but better

SunnyValley makes extended functionality plugin for OPNsense. Their goal is to make this usable for all opensource firewalls (read pfsense soon) There is a free version. Looks cool, not tested [ … ]

Remove Windows10 Bloat

This is a link to a powershell script that will remove an entire list of programs that come pre-installed in Windows 10 but you likely never use. (Candy Crush?) https://windowsreport.com/powershell-remove-windows-10-default-apps/

WordPress Security

WordPress is a popular target for hackers because it has a large install base. Plug-ins make it flexable but there is no guarantee that code writen by 3rd parties is [ … ]