December 2019

Fortinet GeoFiltering

Fortinet makes a nice Firewall; it uses ASIC chips to offload much of it’s CPU intensive work, making the firewall responsive, high-throuput without drastically increasing the cost. Fortinet 60e $1380 800Mbps thruput vs Sonicwall tz300 $960 340Mbps thruput (lower with dpi on) My objective is to filter large chunks of the internet that are not …

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Chrome Password Audit will show you what passwords you have saved in Chrome browser and let you do a password checkup that compares your passwords to the list found in recent password breach databases like Chrome v79 will automatically compare your password to this database and warn you if you are choosing a weak or publically …

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OPNsense but better

SunnyValley makes extended functionality plugin for OPNsense. Their goal is to make this usable for all opensource firewalls (read pfsense soon) There is a free version. Upgrade to OPNSense v20 BEFORE installing SunnyValley. My OPNSense runs on a 16Gb CF card and I suspect it ran out of space while trying to upgrade from v19 …

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Pushover Documentation

Pushover is a messaging system that is easy for programmers and manufacturers to implement but not so easy to setup and manage, mostly due to the lack of documentation. Pushover does not require an executeable to send messages, set a few variables and an HTTP post will successfully send a message. I use the powershell …

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Remove Windows10 Bloat

This is a link to a powershell script that will remove an entire list of programs that come pre-installed in Windows 10 but you likely never use. (Candy Crush?)

Hardening test

Just testing a post after the following option in Sucuri Security, settings, hardening Block PHP Files in WP-CONTENT Directory Block PHP Files in WP-INCLUDES Directory

WordPress Security

WordPress is a popular target for hackers because it has a large install base. Plug-ins make it flexable but there is no guarantee that code writen by 3rd parties is secure. Had an incident where a WordPress site was undergoing a directory traversal attack. The site had WordFence security plug-in installed and got some decent …

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