July 2019

VLC Media Player Risk

A German security company has identified a High risk vulnerability in the popular VLC media player that can result in code execution using a specially crafted media file. There is no current patch but VLC has a fix they are preparing to publish. How can i avoid problems like this in the future? Keep software …

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Am i @ Risk ?

Some lazy ppl never change their passwords. Go to HaveIBeenPwnd and type in your email address to see if you have been included in well-known breaches. If you are at risk the bottom of the page will say Oh No etc, scroll down and you will find a date and possibly the site that was …

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Facebook History

To minimize Facebook’s data collection I recommend regularly deleting all but the last 12months of posts, pictures etc. Facebook likely still keeps meta-data about that history. GDPR dictates that when history is deleted it must be deleted everywhere but meta-data (data about data) isn’t mentioned specifically. You will loose “Nostalgia” reminders. Export your data by …

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