March 2020

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management allows a corporation to manage Laptops and Cell Phones when they are rarely onsite. Useful stuff during our mandated Work-from-home era. Policies can be made to enforce updates on devices, add VPN connectors to Laptops, add Wifi passwords to cell phones, Keep an inventory of what software and versions are installed on …

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RdWeb error: Your computer can’t connect to the remote desktop gateway

Setup a new laptop for a user. When connecting to RdWeb he gets error; Your computer can’t connect to the remote desktop gateway. can connect with his creds from a different computer. this registry entry fixes the problem, no reboot required HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client add DWORD (32-bit) RDGClientTransport =1

Portainer WebGui for Docker

works well on Raspberry Pi I notice my goto list of 1.x Templates doesn’t work anymore. here is another that worked for me

IPsec VPN on Linux

Due to a work-from-home initiative, brought on by Corvid19/Coronavirus, I began looking into VPN on Linux. An option is to distribute Raspberry Pi 4 computers and have users RDP into our terminal server or their desktop. This can be done easily using a Microsoft RdWeb server. I also began looking for an IPsec VPN client …

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Work from Home

Options: Zoho Assist; 15day free trial. Client install asks NO questions. Browser based = works on any OS. Update Free for 90days! SplashTop; $5/user/month. Browser based = works on any OS Update Free for 60days! TeamViewer; 15day free trial. Fat Client = not ChromeOs VPN; not a complete solution but free and gets users to …

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Elastic SIEM looks perdy

SIEM Security Information Events Monitor is used to provide a dashboard that brings together Windows Events, Flow records, Firewall Events, Wifi logs, Endpoint client logs, AV logs etc check it out