Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management allows a corporation to Laptops and Cell Phones when they are rarely onsite. Useful stuff during our mandated Work-from-home era.

Policies can be made to enforce updates on devices, add VPN connectors to Laptops, add Wifi passwords to cell phones, Keep an inventory of what software and versions are installed on each device, dis-allow installing certain software, Finding and/or remotely wiping lost devices.

Miradore is overall a nice piece of software. It supports the big 4; Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android to varying degrees. It has 2 levels of control to support Company owned hardware vs Employee owned / BYOD. It follows the Free-mium model where the basic functionality is free and advanced tasks require upgrading to the Enterprise version.

Cons: Can’t add VPN to Windows 10 yet. Samsung Android phones support additional functions but no provision to install Knox and do the same on non-Samsung phones.