November 2019

Live Network Map

A live network map has items that turn Red/Amber/Green based on the state of the state of the device being depicted. The easiest software I have found to do this is PRTG Maps. Maps, Add Map, Give it a name, optionally select a background image, and I usually select Allow Public Access via URL so …

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Raspbian as a NOC display

The method below has been replaced by YoDeck Install Chromium Browser Add Carousel Add-in to cycle through tabs. Disable Screen Blanking: sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install xscreensaver It will take a minute for the installation to complete, be patient Under preferences you will find a new item called Screensaver, set Mode to Disabled. source

GDPR and personal data complications

BYOD; some companies do cell phone monitoring. how to not monitor sensitive/banking data? When a user is let go; how do you delete all data from backups? Each user gets a separate Encryption key. When user is let go, their corresponding key is deleted.