Windows Licensing Notes

OEM, Retail, Volume, (RetailUpgrade doesn’t exist anymore ?) An eval install must be upgraded/licensed using a RETAIL version standard (max 2 HyperV)/datacenter(Unlimited HyperV) Openpurchase the license, own it forever, options like Software support can be addedsub options for Business, Charity, Education, Government, Health Open Valuespread out over three annual payments and you own the license …

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VmWare housekeeping

VmWare should have some yearly maintenance where old .log files are cleaned up. I’m told these are just performance data and records of past operations. Use the datastore browser and find vmware-##.log files that are over 6 months old and delete them. don’t delete vmware.log this likely isn’t possible while the VM is running. as …

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Luxul Wifi

Don’t try to setup a guest wifi in a vlan unless you are onsite. when you turn on vlans, ALL packets need to be tagged and it DISCARDS all untagged packets normal switches have a PVID or a default untagged vlan so packets don;t just disappear into the void. but not Luxul if you turn …

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