August 2020

Networking Basics

To make networking more modular OSI has broken down networking into 7 layers. The top 4 Host layers happen in a computer in the Application or Operating system. The bottom 3 Media layers happen in a networking device like a NIC, Switch, Router, or Firewall. I’m going to use an application called Ping to send …

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2FA is Safer but not Safe

2FA does increase website security but don’t think this makes you purely Safe. Web pages were originally designed to be state-less when they only showed public information. As the technology advanced, they became more complex and included private information and we needed to logon to see information that is only for our eyes, or to …

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Update Yubikey < 2018

Make sure your Yubikey 4, SmartCards and TPM chips are made AFTER 2018. Infineon generated RSA keys 2048 and smaller (most of them) were flawed in a way that made it ridiculously easy to derive the private key from only the public key. google search 2017 ROCA vulnerability

Preventing file-less malware the cheap and hacky way

create a .bat or .cmd script with the following lines in it. I called mine PowershellPS1-Disassociate.cmd : This script prevents file-less malware from running by associating : powershell and visual basic extensions with notepad: original associations in comments: assoc .ps1=Microsoft.PowerShellScript.1: assoc .VBE=VBEFile: assoc .vbs=VBSFileassoc .ps1=txtfileassoc .VBE=txtfileassoc .vbs=txtfile after you create the script, save and run …

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