March 2022

HP Printer prints every other page garbled

The default printer driver for HP M402 and maybe others come by default set to double sided printing, even if the printer is single sided only. UNCHECK double sided and the printer prints correctly. source

Adventures in Home Assistant

How to setup Wifi here when documentation refers to going to Supervisor, usually they mean going to Configuration, Devices and Services, under Supervisor click Conifgure, top right click System tab. Here you can restart the Supervisor or the whole System. If you have TOGGLE style light switches, they have a lever that sticks out …

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MTU Testing

Background: When packets get transported they are cut into manageable chunks because routers & switches only have a limited amount of RAM. Normally each chunk is 1500 bytes BUT when packets get encapsulated in PPPoE or VPN a header gets added to the packet which takes up a few bytes. Now the packet is 1515 …

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Security Report Card

Backups: Automated backups & tested +1, offsite +1, encrypted +1 versioned controlled OR immutable +1, our data in cloud services is also backed up +1 Hardware: support contract OR spare in stock +1, redundant power supplies +1, redundant/trunked uplinks +1, config backed up automatically +1, monitored by an alerting server +1, config changes result in …

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Home Assistant on ESXi

Home Assistant is some powerful automation software that integrates with a lot of IoT devices. The .vmdk that is made available on their website is created using VmWare Workstation, which uses the older format of .vmdk so it needs to be converted before you can run it on ESXi. Turn on SSH: Host, Manage, Services …

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