Adventures in Home Assistant

How to setup Wifi here

when documentation refers to going to Supervisor, usually they mean going to Configuration, Devices and Services, under Supervisor click Conifgure, top right click System tab. Here you can restart the Supervisor or the whole System.

If you have TOGGLE style light switches, they have a lever that sticks out and you push it up or down; i recommend NOT replacing the lightswitch.
-add a Sonoff Mini R2 behind your existing toggle switch.
-The toggle style switches are very compact, there is lots of room left in the electrical box for the R2.
-they cost only $11 when purchased in a pack of 4
-the same R2 works for dual pole switches (u’know, a switch at the bottom and top of the stairs that control the same light)
-they don’t need custom firmware to work with Home Assistant
-they can have simultaneous control from phone app and Home Assistant

If you have ROCKER/Decora style light switches, they have a large rectangular pad, you push on the top or bottom of the pad, there is a fulcrum in the middle
-the switch guts are bulkier, there may not be room for an R2
-maybe the TP-link Kasa, not tested

Install HACS, get the eWeLink app in HACS, may need to add some config to get your config from Sonoff Cloud

Install the file editor addon, edit /config/configuration.yaml

password: your_Password_that_you_saved_in_your_password_manager_right?
scan_interval: 60
grace_period: 600
api_region: ‘us’
entity_prefix: True #(optional)
debug: False #(optional)
mode: local # this makes it work when the internet is unavailable, recommended
reload: always # update device list every time HA starts, in case you add more devices later

NOT Recommended:
CE Smart Devices from Costco are rebranded TUYA devices. Integration requires getting a long string from the website and pasteing it into Home Assistant. can’t get that to work correctly. Some chatter on the internet about TUYA asking for a fee to access via HA.

More info here

for mains powered devices i stick with Wifi devices made by SONOFF. they get auto-discovered by HA, and work without Internet. TPLink Kasa devices work with HA but they are not auto-discovered.
For battery powered devices others recommend ZigBee USB stick + most any ZigBee device as they should auto-config themselves in HA when paired. pairing usually involves holding the button down for 20sec.
I am holding off on buying any battery powered devices until the Matter standard is finalized. Old Zigbee stuff may still work but i’m going to buy Matter certified devices.

Govee H5102 Bluetooth Thermometer, Hygrometer works since the latest update of HA.

Future Additions:

$2 doorbell conversion to smart doorbell