Gamers vs Corona Virus

A new final Boss has appeared and it is named Corona Virus. You might think that you are helpless to fight this opponent, and you would be WRONG! Now entering the ring the heavy weight contender: Folding@home. You thought his days were over, his time was up, but he has risen from the ashes of yester-year in our time of need. All he is asking is your support, your… extra CPU cycles?

Gamers have a distinct advantage because Graphics cards (GPU) have dozens of tiny processors called shaders. The Folding@home software is designed to take advantage of these. The algorithm is just far more efficient on many small processors than on a few large ones.

Folding@home attempts to find proteins that can negate the Coronavirus by attaching to all of it’s receptors. In the physical world it is very time consuming and expensive to try each protein to see if it is effective vs the virus. But computers can simulate the interaction of proteins and molecules as long as we have a detailed model. More info here

Download F@H client here It does use a little electricity so i recommend running it during Off-Peak

Alright we are jumping the gun a little. F@H isn’t quite ready to start the process, but I want to be prepared for when they are. In the mean time I’m ONLY helping to cure Parkinsons, Huningtons, Alzheimers and Cancer.

Oh also join my team, its # 150168 so when we kick some @ss i’ll know who to toast the victory with.