Windows gets a Package Manager

A package manager shows all the installed software, version numbers and allows installing/UN-installing/updating. From the command line. I can imagine this working well in conjunction with a persistent VPN like TailScale, WireGuard or ZeroTier to provide solid management of off-site laptops.

Why is this relevant?
IT often uses a command line method to manage work-from-home laptops, and a package manager allows keeping an inventory of licensed software, uninstalling known bad or unapproved software, or installing packages as required without interrupting the user. ie users can be told to leave their devices running overnight and IT can run a script that keeps the device updated, and installs new packages.

Many companies are forgoing an physical office space and moving to a work-from-anywhere model that has been forced upon us by the Covid pandemic. As such these companies may not have a Microsoft domain/Active Directory/Group Policy to keep employee laptops updated and secure.

we use SentinelOne which has been working without complaints for 1 year so far. It keeps track of software versions and allows command line management. What it can’t do is update or install new software, a role that the package manager fills.

Microsoft says this can be installed from the Windows Store under the name App Installer but that did NOT work in my testing, i needed to install manually.