Facebook Container PlugIn

Facebook tracks your movement around the web so they can sell your like and wants to advertizing companies. This is the equivalient of door-to-door salesmen VS you deciding that you need to purchase something, and researching which is the best for your circumstance, or which is the best product. The facebook container logs you out …

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Cloned Workstations Win10

Ran into a strange problem where a cloned Windows 10 workstation successfully joined the domain, and could communicate outbound but would NOT allow inbound connection to the \\ipaddress\c$ share. What did work; removing and re-adding workstation to domain. Tried unsuccessfully; creating a new share, turning firewall off completely, disabling/enabling nic, updating nic driver.

Standard Laptop build

Recommand same build across Laptop & Desktop Choose Hardware from Tier1 vendor (IBM,HP,Dell) these provide firmware updates for longer. Favor hardware that include; TPM module, finger print scanner.Bios WakeOnLan = on Wake @ 7am a standard time for installing updates Power loss state = last TPM = on Trusted Platform ModuleWindows 10 Enterprise; to avoid …

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Easier to ask for forgiveness?

I think we live in a society where the norm is “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” and when dealing with links in email that mind-set is not ideal. Therefore there is a lot of “grooming” we need to do, to change the mindset of users.

Interesting Software

Spiceworks; Hardware/Software Inventory. Required for many certifications. AlienVault; EUBA End User Behavioral Analysis. Detect odd behavior of malware/insider threats. OpenVAS; Vulnerability Scanner. Scan workstations & servers for security problems. No client required. NMAP; fast subnet scanner, requires WinPcap or NpCap Angry IP scanner; minimal information but portable and doesn’t require special drivers. PRTG Monitor; free …

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Windows Lockscreen Graphic

I have been looking for an easy way to set the lockscreen Graphic to some Security Awareness posters. (Don’t click links in email) Incidently i also like to create a Wireless network named DontClickLinksInEmail just so it’s in everyones face. Found an interesting writeup here Microsoft Group policy setting here works on Win8 and newer

Clientless Malware

If an attacker uses software already installed on windows to create a persistent connection, the industry calls this Clientless Malware or Living off the Land. This usually involves using Windows Powershell which is so easy to block using the built-in Defender firewall, i’m surprised it’s not blocked by default. I propose a fix for this …

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