Add Report-Phishing button to Outlook

For your entire Organization… or just a group to start with

Logon to the Office365 admin center, Settings, Integrated Apps, Add-ins

Deploy Add-In

Office Web add-in

Choose from the Store

Report Phishing and Report Message are both free from Microsoft. Report Phishing is a simple single button where as Report Message has a dropdown with more options to report spam or remove/add something to junk folder. I would deploy these for IT staff or power users to improve the spam filters but they have no direct benefit for the non-tech savvy.

Mr-Post creates a side-bar and scans links. links get a small message near them that says if they are Mr-Post approved. The side-bar title shows green if the message passes inspection, It shows a nice map of the email routing; useful to see if the email came from China. Mr-Post had trouble scanning my attachments and other reviews reported the Add-in as prone to false negatives. aka reporting mail as safe when it was not. this is problematic as users would be more apt to click on links if Mr-Post reported them as Safe. Sidebar can be pinned open to scan every email.

SafeToOpen only scans links, not attachments. Sidebar can’t be pinned open, must click Verify link for every email. Currently only 1 review available. Picks out URL’s and searches for matches in known bad database. This will flag well known threats but those shouldn’t make it to your inbox anyway.

After you pick an Add-On you will have the option to deploy to Everyone or a Group. I recommend you deploy to a test group first, and communicate well, as older users tend to panic if something changes unexpectedly.

deployment may take up to 24hours.