Luxul Switches

default ip address is so if you have multiple switches they all end up at the same IP address and you can’t manage any of them. DHCP exists for this very reason.

The backup method is to use a console cable to set the ip information. But Luxul doesn’t make that info easy to find. I guessed correctly 119200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, Flow control=xon/xoff

If you have a translucent blue USB to serial converter you likely need the Prolific driver from here
(also works on TRENDnet hardware; tested on TU-S9)

default username passwd is admin admin

it has a sort-of cisco-like cli

Show the current IP address:
show ip interface brief

Set the IP address:
conf t
interface vlan 1
ip addr
ip addr dhcp

use the GUI to set the admin password