Cool Projects:


PfSense / OpnSense firewall. super stable.

Ubiquiti cloudkey on Raspberry Pi

OpenMediaVault on Raspberry Pi. stable script not an OS image

Raspberry Pi NAS x4 Hat and enclosure works with OpenMediaVault only preorder just yet $99us

Pi Hole whole home Ad filter. stable and useful. also DHCP server, stats etc. RasPi 3 is fine for this project. Install script not OS image

Shelly 2 IoT add-on. Use your existing switches. $25cdn ea.@BestBuy online. csa approved, works with mqtt/HomeKit ootb, easily flashed to tasmota firmware. fit in the box behind the light switch, no modification needed. worth a few $ more than the Sonos mini

TagMo Android software and blank NFC Ntag215 tags. different tags will NOT work for Amibo cloning.

Raspberry Pi Steam Link plays steam games remotely. Cool if you want to put your gaming rig in a window and eject the hot air outside.

Ceiling fan with independent controls via Sonoff 2 channel

3d Printer Creality is best balance between $ / quality

nVidia Gamestream + Moonlight

Cassette tape scrolling display

Nymph-cast a pi chromecast

Pixel Stick project here