Month: October 2019

DNA Tests

Don’t. The results of your test are not private from authorities or anyone with a warrant. If my brother commits a crime and leaves DNA evidence, I am now a [ … ]

Apple Bonjour & iTunes

Bonjour aka ZeroConf aka Avahi is a service installed by iTunes, which has recently been used to proliferate malware in some manufacturing companies. Update iTunes. BEWARE; if iTunes is uninstalled [ … ]

Fav PodCasts

My favorite app to play podcasts is Google Podcasts. I wish some app would keep a list of SUBJECTS you are interested in and then provide a constant stream of [ … ]

Sudo or SuDon’t

Sudo is a Linux executable that changes security context. It was found to have a bug in it that lets a malicious process or user elevate their privilege, but only [ … ]

HoneyPots on RasPi

Raspberry Pi is ideal hardware for a Honey Pot; inexpensive, capable and well supported. Found this list of HoneyPot software OpenCanary looks interesting as they an open and a paid [ … ]