Credit cards and internet

When purchasing online my first choice is to use PayPal, as they have fraud insurance in addition to your banks fraud insurance.  If PayPal is not accepted Recommend using a service that provides virtual credit cards so you essentially have a dedicated credit card number per website. Such as

PayPal Key US only (but considering other countries) (US only) offers virtual Credit Cards and virtual phone #’s.  currently CC only offered to US.  I plan on trying to work-around that. partnered with Visa and Peoples Trust.  Virtual credit cards,  mobile apps for Android & Apple. Money must be transferred to stack. Virtual credit cards,  mobile apps for Android & Apple.  Compatible with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay.

Royal Bank offers Virtual Visa Debit; create virtual credit cards that pull money from a debit account.   Use this If your accounts are at Royal.

Google Pay creates a virtual credit card number but it’s for tap not online.

Also rans:

Visa checkout allows you to save your shipping address with your credit card or prepaid credit card.  A disappointing showing for a company that owns this space.

PayPal previously offered virtual credit cards but discontinued.  Lack of customer interest?

Update: if you apply by going to you will get a $5 signup bonus.  Yes they are paying you to try their service.