VLC Media Player Risk

A German security company has identified a High risk vulnerability in the popular VLC media player that can result in code execution using a specially crafted media file. There is [ … ]

Facebook History

To minimize Facebook’s data collection I recommend regularly deleting all but the last 12months of posts, pictures etc. Facebook likely still keeps meta-data about that history. GDPR dictates that when [ … ]

Online Storage Options

Dropbox has started limiting connected devices to 3 on their free accounts. Dropbox has had a few security problems in recent memory. These items have recently overcome Dropbox pros which [ … ]

Secure Alternatives

Here I explore some alternatives to Insecure social media. Social media makes their money from selling your browsing history and brand preferences. Some counties have restrictions that personal data needs [ … ]

Useful Websites

Virustotal.com test a single file against many virus scannersssllabs.com test your browser or protocol supporthaveibeenpwned.com has your email been in a breach?mailinator.com disposable emailifttt.com if this then that, automationsend.firefox.com / [ … ]