Income Tax Season

I do my own income tax. I will be using the free GenuTax again for 2022. I previously used StudioTax but a few years ago they changed their pricing structure so it’s only free if you make less than 20k or live in the northern territories.

I Don’t recommend using any of the Online tax methods like H&R Block, despite them having a good reputation. For online taxes your data is stored at the website, and even if they promise it isn’t, your data is still needs to be transferred back and forth AND we have no way of confirming it’s not stored. Installed software can contain viruses but it’s visible code, we can run it through the online virus scanner and i’m sure a dozen paranoid people already have.

You may argue that your data is unimportant and that’s not true. Tax data includes all your ID, SIN#, and when you talk to a government agency over the phone, they confirm who you are by asking for the number on line# (something) on your last tax return. An internet NoGoodNik could easily use this information to steal your identity.