Adobe Acrobat won’t Print

How to FIX: Acrobat Reader Can’t Print PDF files in Windows 10 2004.

Method 1. Disable the Protected Mode in Acrobat Reader.

For an unknown reason, the printing problem in Acrobat Reader may appear, if the “Protected Mode at startup” setting is enabled. To turn off the “Protected Mode at startup”:

1. Open the Acrobat Reader DC program and from the Edit menu choose Preferences.

2. Select Security (Enhanced) on the left pane and then uncheck the Enable Protected Mode at startup checkbox at the right.

3. At the pop-up window, ask Yes.

4. Click OK to close the Preferences settings.
5. Close and re-open the Acrobat Reader application and try to print a PDF file. The problem should be solved. If not, continue to method 2.

Method 2. Print PDF file as Image.