Windows Licensing Notes

OEM, Retail, Volume, (RetailUpgrade doesn’t exist anymore ?)

An eval install must be upgraded/licensed using a RETAIL version

standard (max 2 HyperV)/datacenter(Unlimited HyperV)

purchase the license, own it forever, options like Software support can be added
sub options for Business, Charity, Education, Government, Health

Open Value
spread out over three annual payments and you own the license after 3rd payments

Enterprise Agreement
250+ licenses

Volume Licensing

Server Enterprise = 4 VM license
Server Datacenter = 1024 VM license (hard limit on every version of Windows)
Windows10 = 0 VM licences, license separately or run Linux

Windows Workstation:
No server Roles; ie Domian Controller, DNS server
2TB Ram
2 CPU sockets, a socket = hardware that a CPU plugs into. CPU can have multiple CORES on 1 chip
File & Print Share (SMB) 20 incoming devices

Server Standard:
64 Sockets
2 Virtual Machines + HyperV host license
Software Defined Networking: No
Storage Replica 1partnership, 1resourceGroup, 2TB
Storage Spaces Direct: No
Inherited Windows Activation: Guest
File & Print Share (SMB) limited only by CALs

Server DataCenter:
64 Sockets
unlimited Virtual Machines + 1 HyperV host per license
Software Defined Networking: Yes
Storage Replica unlimited
Storage Spaces Direct: Yes
Inherited Windows Activation: Guest or Host
File & Print Share (SMB) limited only by CALs

Hyper-V supports VLANs