Breaking into Windows 10 Laptop

After letting go a technically savvy employee their Laptop came back with all Administrator accounts disabled and we don’t know the user’s password.

The normal way to handle this is to re-install Windows 10 but there are some files on the Laptop that need to be recovered. And I wanted to test if an old hacking method still works 🙂

boot into the Bios and turn off secure boot. If you don’t have a Bios password this is as easy as a google search.

insert a stock Window 10 install USB key and boot from it

Follow the steps in the link below as i’m not adding any info to that

useful commands:

net user me mypassword /add

net localgroup administrators me /add

so yes this still works on modern hardware as long as the Bios is not password protected.
your users can make themselves Administrator if they have hardware access and know how to do a google search.