GeoFirewall for RDP

What? A Geography based firewall blocks access to/from entire countries.

Why? Useful on a RDP server to reduce risk by ignoring entire chunks of the internet. (RDP has been targeted recently with wormable exploits)

Verigio makes a cool little software firewall, that is super simple and free. (free for 5 areas or less, still waiting to see if an area is a continent or a country)

I live in NorthAmerica so i block: Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, South America, Other AND under Europe i check Russian Federation.

Log shows a lot of hits on Singapore; ZeroTier VPN is based in Singapore. Had to figure this out by guessing, as clicking a blocked entry does not show detailed records or the process.

Installation does require a reboot.

a second option would be PeerBlock open source software and the netroar country blocks. This will take more time to setup as the countries are not grouped into continents.