QR Codes are convenient

What? QR Codes are 3d barcodes that quickly get information into your device. They are convenient for long strings of characters that are difficult to type on a mobile keyboard aka wifi passwords and VPN (remote access) Pre Shared Keys (a long shared password).

Why? If it is easy to change wifi passwords it might get done occasionally. PSK’s are long and some numbers and letters look the same. A QR code is not human readable, most users will happily give out the CORPORATE wifi password to any guest with a virus laden laptop. So print & post the GUEST wifi QRcode in your meeting rooms.

Apple has supported pulling QR codes natively (no software to install) since iOS 10? and Android since v9.

I created a QR code with all my info in vCard format and set this to the logon screen of my mobile phone. Now I can easily share my contact info with others or if I lose my phone and someone honorable finds it, they have all my contact info where they can see it, without needing to login.