Facebook Container PlugIn

Facebook tracks your movement around the web so they can sell your like and wants to advertizing companies. This is the equivalient of door-to-door salesmen VS you deciding that you need to purchase something, and researching which is the best for your circumstance, or which is the best product.

The facebook container logs you out of facebook and when you next start facebook it will be in a blue, sandboxed tab that doesn’t allow anyone to spy on your movement and doesn’t leak your personal details.

Reminder; don’t use Facebook to login to other websites, this is just another way for Facebook to monitor you.

Facebook has got in trouble numerous times in the past for using customer data in a way that was NOT disclosed in their Term and conditions statement.

We all have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. But until we can convince our families to move to Mastodon or someone writes a Mastodon plugin that Federates with Facebook we are stuck with it.

Get the Firefox container at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-CA/firefox/addon/facebook-container/

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