Month: June 2019

Online Storage Options

Dropbox has started limiting connected devices to 3 on their free accounts. Dropbox has had a few security problems in recent memory. These items have recently overcome Dropbox pros which [ … ]

Secure Alternatives

Here I explore some alternatives to Insecure social media. Social media makes their money from selling your browsing history and brand preferences. Some counties have restrictions that personal data needs [ … ]

Useful Websites

Virustotal.com test a single file against many virus scannersssllabs.com test your browser or protocol supporthaveibeenpwned.com has your email been in a breach?mailinator.com disposable emailifttt.com if this then that, automationsend.firefox.com / [ … ]

Simple Security Tests

Some Simple Security Tests to get Small Businesses started Thycotic Weak Password finder; tests for LanMan, Weak hashes etc. and shows which of those accounts have Administrator privilege. https://thycotic.com/solutions/free-it-tools/weak-password-finder/ Wireshark [ … ]

Increase Your Personal Security

It’s Tricky Tricking people is much easier than actual hacking, security professionals like to call this Social Engineering. Their best trick is to convince websites or companies to reset your [ … ]