Month: October 2019

Update Google Calendar

Due to a recent flaw allowing anyone to schedule time on your calandar, Goofle has released a Calendar update. Recommend going to the Android/Google play store, search for Google and update calandar and anything else that is out of date or looks interesting. Google Camera 7.1 will be rolling out soon.

Hackers Hacked back, Ransomware keys released

It was only a matter of time before the hackers hacked the wrong person. Tobias Fromel was tired of their shenanighans and hacked them back retrieving a booty of decryption keys in the process. Article here Decryption tool here!O9Jg3QYZ!5Gj8VrBXl4ebp_MaPDPE7JpzqdUaeUa5m9kL5fEmkVs Keys here Instructions for QNAP here I have saved a copy of …

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Facebook Container PlugIn

Facebook tracks your movement around the web so they can sell your like and wants to advertizing companies. This is the equivalient of door-to-door salesmen VS you deciding that you need to purchase something, and researching which is the best for your circumstance, or which is the best product. The facebook container logs you out …

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Cloned Workstations Win10

Ran into a strange problem where a cloned Windows 10 workstation successfully joined the domain, and could communicate outbound but would NOT allow inbound connection to the \\ipaddress\c$ share. What did work; removing and re-adding workstation to domain. Tried unsuccessfully; creating a new share, turning firewall off completely, disabling/enabling nic, updating nic driver.

Standard Laptop build

Recommand same build across Laptop & Desktop Choose Hardware from Tier1 vendor (IBM,HP,Dell) these provide firmware updates for longer. Favor hardware that include; TPM module, finger print scanner.Bios WakeOnLan = on Wake @ 7am a standard time for installing updates Power loss state = last TPM = on Trusted Platform ModuleWindows 10 Enterprise; to avoid …

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Easier to ask for forgiveness?

I think we live in a society where the norm is “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” and when dealing with links in email that mind-set is not ideal. Therefore there is a lot of “grooming” we need to do, to change the mindset of users.