Windows Updates via Powershell

PS C:\share> $RemoteServer = “”PS C:\share> Get-WindowsUpdate -verbose -computer $RemoteServer -AcceptAll -InstallVERBOSE: (7/14/2022 3:26:58 PM): Connecting to Microsoft Update server. Please wait…VERBOSE: Found [19] Updates in pre search criteriaVERBOSE: Found [19] Updates in post search criteria X ComputerName Result KB Size Title ———— —— — —- —–1 wtf005.wt… Accepted KB4484104 287KB Update for Microsoft …

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SpecOps Password Audit

Free software to audit your AD passwords. Compares passwords to HaveIBeenPwned database. Other software can do the same but this does it for free and it’s easy to use.

NextCloud common problems

Error “Untrusted Domain”Solution: edit /var/www/html/nextcloud/config/config.php ‘trusted_domains’ =>array (0 => ‘localhost’,1 => ‘nextcloud’,2 => ‘nextcloud.local’,3 => ’10.*.*.*‘, ),