Rogue DHCP fix

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) when a device is connected to a network, it shouts for an IP address. the DHCP server answers with an unused IP address, default gateway and DNS servers. Ideally. Problems happen when someone non-technical plugs in a wireless gateway and it responds with IPs and DGW that DON’T get to …

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Fortigate Cloud Management

Manage your Fortigate devices at New Firewalls come with an 8 character code physically on a sticker Add existing firewalls to Cloud Mgt interface thusly

Exchange Onsite Removal

I encountered this while running PingCastle and cleaning up domain Company had Exchange Onsite then moved to Exchange365 PingCastle reports vulnerable schema class msExchStorageGroup/PossSuperiorComputer logon with a user that is a member of SchemaAdmins. Remember they need to be a member before logging in, the user gets their ticket when logging in. run this super-secret …

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HP Printer prints every other page garbled

The default printer driver for HP M402 and maybe others come by default set to double sided printing, even if the printer is single sided only. UNCHECK double sided and the printer prints correctly. source