Enterprise Backup Pilot & Comparison

If you work for an MSP this may interest you. We are selecting a Backup that we can offer to customers, that is Multi-tenant and cost-conscious.

This was eventually chosen for the following reasons:
+support direct-to-cloud backups
+intuitive, web based, accessible-anywhere interface
+when onsite storage hardware is removed, this is the cheapest solution
-backup thru ESXi is possible but restore requires more steps

+designed for MSPs, with the most options for limiting client bandwidth/storage etc
+long history in backup with proven reliability
+modular design works with most standards and OSs
+free for home/smb installs <10 end points, no Cloud storage support in free version
-user interface is not intuitive
-v12 supports direct-to-cloud backup but its unproven and more expensive than Cove

+Open Source
+Lowest cost to entry
+supports S3 cloud storage
-designed for Tape libraries (it calls S3 storage Cloud Virtual Disk Changer 🙂
-no Saas cloud orchestrator, you build it yourself

+comes with Enterprise grade NAS
+comes with cloud access
-no cloud orchestrator, each device is managed independently
-only available on Synology’s OS
-no client based backup w support for Databases

Not backup software but if you want to re-use hand-me-down hardware take a look at TrueNAS. does de-duplication and compression