Browser Addons I Use


uBlock Origin Blocks Ads etc, used it for years, never had any reason to change
BitWarden Password manager, the last remaining free one

When needed:

Read Aloud lets me multi-task
Google Docs allows copy/paste into Google Sheets
Don’t F*** with Paste Some websites disable pasting into password fields, this re-enables pasting.
HTTPS Everywhere If your daily routine takes you to a dozen trusted websites this becomes less required.
Awesome Screenshot static image of an entire webpage, not just the portion that’s on the current screen.
Privacy Badger

Extensions I Intentionally Avoid:

Honey, Acorn, Amazon Assist etc i do NOT want any 3rd party code snooping in on my finances. Banking apps are first party, and they have code reviews, and they are not extensions. these extensions MAY have code audits, but i’m not risking it for $1.30 in savings.