PIPEDA Checklist

  • 1. Accountability. Your privacy policy is complete, and you let all users know that you are fully responsible for storing and processing their data. You need to hire a specialist who will control the fulfillment of all PIPEDA regulations.   
  • 2. Identifying purposes. When you gather data or plan to do it, you must notify users about the reasons for this kind of activity. Simply put, why you do it.  
  • 3. Consent. You cannot start any activity without the prior consent of a user. Thus, users should be notified that their data will be collected, and they need to give their consent for it.   
  • 4. Limiting collection. The information collected must be limited to specific purposes you do it for.  
  • 5. Limiting use and disclosure. You cannot use or disclose the users’ information for purposes other than required for a specific activity type.   
  • 6. Accuracy. All customers’ data must be complete and accurate. So it is essential to make sure that the information is up to date when you process it.  
  • 7. Safeguards. Your users must feel safe. Thus, you need to show them that all appropriate safeguards are used to protect their sensitive information from malefactors.  
  • 8. Openness. Customers should always be able to get acquainted with the security practices you use, reasons why you use and disclose their information, etc. All their questions that concern their data processing should be answered immediately.  
  • 9. Individual access. All users have the right to request all information about their information you process, and you must provide them with it within 30 days. If they find some data to be inaccurate or outdated, they can demand to update it within the shortest possible time.  
  • 10. Challenging compliance. If users have any concerns about your company’s PIPEDA compliance, they can create a claim and send it to the appropriate government organization. After the investigation, the user will receive a detailed report containing investigation results.

Source https://cadabra.studio/blog/pipeda-compliance-checklist

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