Interesting Software

Spiceworks; Hardware/Software Inventory. Required for many certifications.

AlienVault; EUBA End User Behavioral Analysis. Detect odd behavior of malware/insider threats.

OpenVAS; Vulnerability Scanner. Scan workstations & servers for security problems. No client required.

NMAP; fast subnet scanner, requires WinPcap or NpCap

Angry IP scanner; minimal information but portable and doesn’t require special drivers.

PRTG Monitor; free for up to 100 devices. Nice auto scan for services. no client required. Useful info in 15min.

NirSoft NetBScanner; scan your subnet for NetBios. NetBios should be turned off in a Domain environment.

MailSniper is a tool to test eMail passwords.

McAfee tool to scan suspicious files here

LDAP Account Manager for Linux – testing on RasPi currently…more info to come

Univention – User friendly SSO + LDAP based on Linux. Free with limits. Comes as a VM

3df Zyphr can create a 3d model of an object using no special hardware

LetsView mirrors the screen of an iPhone or Android device to your PC. Good for creating documentation

PingCastle will do an Active Directory audit and spit out a lovely HTML report. its a command line tool but super easy to use. Free!

Burp Suite SQL injection and Fuzzing websites. Community edition available.

Wazuh Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) small client installed on workstations that reports back to central server. Finds internal vulnerabilities

ShowKeyPlus shows OEM and Installed windows keys lets anyone setup a WireGuard based Peer-to-peer VPN. It can use smart routing to connect through double NAT, it knows some services that are running on the connected machines (ie RDP) and you can set Access controls (to create a hub-and-spoke) it supports “magic” DNS so you can reliably get to the same PC even if the IP changes. Free for up to 50 connections.
This is an excellent tool for small businesses to keep track of laptops during work-from-home. back them up, inventory installed software, force a virus scan, reset a locked account, use RDP to troubleshoot etc. this is a script that makes a nice web page to manage WireGuard peer-to-peer VPN. Consider this if you manage over 50 laptops. not as refined as TailScale but its a good free option.

WireGuard installs on iPhone and Android, looking for some software that manages these devices over IP…