Luxul Wifi

Don’t try to setup a guest wifi in a vlan unless you are onsite.

when you turn on vlans, ALL packets need to be tagged and it DISCARDS all untagged packets

normal switches have a PVID or a default untagged vlan so packets don;t just disappear into the void. but not Luxul

if you turn on vlans and put mgt on vlan 1 and officeWifi on vlan 1 and guestWifi on vlan 13….

everything stops working

i assume because the switch port is sending the device untagged packets and the wifi controller is only accepting tagged packets.

hold down the reset button for 10 seconds to reset to factory defaults

Then go to EVERY wireless access point and reset it to factory defaults, since you can’t reach any of the devices remotely and rebooting by removing PoE doesn’t help.

then add your SSID’s and passwords.

I found a method that works better; throw all the Luxul equipment in the garbage and replace with Ubiquiti equipment.

Until you reset ALL of the Wifi APs you are a Rogue AP to yourself! the old APs are broadcasting the same SSID as the new ones. You don’t want to change the SSID because then ALL users will have to change their phones and laptops. This will cause 10x slower internet access from wifi.