Installing Telus PsSuite EMR on M1/ARM based Apple Mac

Telus has a nice document that describes ALMOST all the steps

When choosing the version of Azul Zulu Java make sure you select the correct architecture. the x86 version will run on M1/ARM cpu but it uses the Rosetta translation layer and it will be slow, and generate misleading error messages. Get the ARM 64 version for M1 Mac Mini’s.

Install Java, if you need some guidance refer to the video from the pssuite help site above

make sure you are on the right wifi / wired network, or you have the Fortinet VPN client running and signed in. EMR is on a private network for security. You can get setup with a Tunnel mode VPN for the whole office, so you don’t need to run the VPN client software.

In a browser goto the private website from your Welcome email. ie http://10.21.x.x/pss

there will be a green button to download the software / java application installer

This will download a java .jar file with your site code in the filename

to run this you may need to hold CTRL + click and choose open with.., Java Launcher

there should be a greyed out Open button in the bottom left of the dialogue, its still clickable, click it

It will start installing per normal

here is where the weirdness starts:

the installer may eventually say that it can’t connect to the website, or its in a loop

if you close the installer and start the EMR software you may get an error that you don’t have permission

This is misleading. You need to install the Rosetta translation layer . Rosetta translates between Intelx86 cpu architecture and M1ARM cpu architecture. Something in the java application is Intel specific.

I don’t have a direct link to download the Rosetta software as i don’t have a Mac to test with.

BUT one way to get it installed is to call Telus ask for remote desktop assistance and when they install the Bomgar remote assistance software, Rosetta gets installed as well. then it magically works for the support technician and you look all foolish cuz they didn’t have to do anything except start the software.