Unifi optimal settings

Manually Randomize your AP 2.4Ghz channels between 1,6 and 11. by Default all APs are set to channel 6. Auto will set a new channel when throughput gets ridiculously bad. On average a random channel will be 66% better than having every AP set to Ch6, probably more as all your neighbours have left their APs on the default Ch6.

Uplink Connectivity Monitor (New Interface):
by default Ubiquiti only allows a maximum of 4 wireless SSID’s per AP. this can be increased to 8 providing you are not using wireless uplinks/mesh. Turn it off in Settings, System Settings, Controller Configuration, Uplink Connectivity Monitor.

If you don’t configure SMTP or a Mail Server, alerts will still be sent to the Ubiquiti App on your cellphone.

Wireless Advanced Features = off (don’t know what this maps to in the new interface)

Fast Roaming: requires 802.11r to work properly. Older devices will experience disconnects if this is on. iPhone 6s+ Samsung S8+

WPA2/WPA3 transition mode:
Settings, Wifi, Click an SSID, Advanced, Security, Security Protocol = WPA-2/WPA-3 (Default is WPA-2)
This allows newer cell phones (iPhone 7+, Samsung S9+) to use the more secure WPA3 but still allows WPA2 for compatibility. When you have verified that no older cellphones are in use you can switch to WPA-3 only.

Device Isolation: clients on the same wifi network can’t see each other
ON for Guest networks. No snooping allowed.
OFF for Office networks so devices like Printers, Chromecast and Apple TV will work.