Cheaty Wireless Keyboard Hacking

So hacking originally referred to getting a system or something to do what you want by working around the system or cheating. Cheating is the standard, so i don’t feel bad for pointing out how ridiculously easy or cheap this is, that’s the point.

A lot of us use Laptops these days as work-from-home is the norm in Covid times. Do we use that stooopid little trackpad? of course not, we buy a nice Logitech keyboard and mouse combo. Well those little USB Logi-nubs are super insecure and they are literally everywhere, I’m typing this article on one right now.

We can buy a Crazyradio PA for $40ca (that’s about a nickel ninety five ‘mercan) and it can both sniff/listen to what keystrokes are being typed near us or INJECT or type keystrokes on someone else’s computer! That’s right, if we were targeting a business we just need to sit in their parking lot at night, find 1 PC that has a Logitech mouse and Inject our payload to connect back to our command and control server and voila we have access into their internal network. If an officer stops to see what you are doing, just show him Pokemon Go on your cell phone and he will send you on your way.

Logitech has released a patch but the patch doesn’t come pre-installed and if it works, nobody is going to fix what isn’t broken.

So I have the hardware BUT I can’t find a good download for the firmware update or the software to get this to run.

Also the author released a firmware update to use an original Logitech nub, flashed with new firmware to do the same attack but at much shorter range. No sitting in the parking lot and pwning.

3d printed case