Ansible AWX

What is Ansible and why do i care?
Ansible is a popular server/workstation/container management tool.
+doesn’t require a client install
+instead of a list of commands it focuses on a desired state
+scripts are written in .yml
+can manage Windows, MacOs, Linux, *BSD etc

What is Ansible Tower/AWX?
Tower is a web based GUI for Ansible built by RedHat. AWX is the bleading edge, free version of Tower.

How to install AWX on Docker / Portainer?
sudo apt-get install ansible -y
sudo apt-get install python3 -y
sudo apt-get install pip -y
sudo pip install –upgrade pip
sudo pip install docker-compose
sudo pip install docker-py
sudo pip install configparser

git clone
cd awx/installer
nano inventory
**change 3 passwords and record them in your password manager
sudo ansible-playbook -i inventory install.yml

if you get errors about unable to load docker-compose
pip uninstall docker docker-py docker-compose
pip install docker-compose