Security Awareness Intranet Site

Today i set about creating a security Awareness intranet site for a client.

They have a nice VmWare instance so i created a virtual server and called it SecAware. Downloaded the latest Ubuntu server image (only the live image is available via bitTorrent but thats fine for my purpose as live doesn’t include all the software i’m never going to use) Install Ubuntu OS, Install Webmin for conventient administration via a webpage at https://SecAware:10000 Install LAMPs (Linux, Apache, MySql, Php) following this prodedure. Remember to set a DNS entry, wait for replication, then access the site via DNS (NOT IP ADDRESS) so the site knows whats up. Then setup WordPress.

Install the QSM (Quiz and Survey Master) plugin noting that it supports Certificates and Leaderboards. Remember to activate the plugin or you can’t find it.

sans.org has a lot of security awareness posters and info. Another good source is to just do a google image search.

If you have a domain you can use Group Policy to set your users’ workstations background and login screen image.

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