Month: October 2019

Fav PodCasts

My favorite app to play podcasts is Google Podcasts. I wish some app would keep a list of SUBJECTS you are interested in and then provide a constant stream of audio (like a radio station) with no user clicking/interaction required. Unless you want to hit ThumbsUp / ThumbsDown to get a certain podcast more/less frequently. …

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Comparing Products

Gatner Reports makes it simple to compare security products head-to-head. For example Forticlient vs Symantec end-point protection. Gartner does charge for some of their quadrant reviews but this comparison is at least free. GSMArena allows side-by-side comparison of cell phones

Sudo or SuDon’t

Sudo is a Linux executable that changes security context. It was found to have a bug in it that lets a malicious process or user elevate their privilege, but only if the setup is non-standard. If you use Linux see the writeup here

HoneyPots on RasPi

Raspberry Pi is ideal hardware for a Honey Pot; inexpensive, capable and well supported. Found this list of HoneyPot software OpenCanary looks interesting as they an open and a paid version which usually means it’s popular and has decent support and longevity.

Smart Home thoughts

Avoid Alexa it has had a lot of problems including evil laughing etc Be warry of Google home Investigate IFTTT (if this then that) Level Home is releasing a smart lock that fits in the existing dead-bolt hole. Beware of Hub-less or Wifi smart lightswitches / plugs / devices. They are built cheap and there …

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Office Macro Viruses

A client runs some old versions of Office 2010 and rarely update for fear of breaking something. A familiar song. Using this procedure to test which versions and patch levels are vulnerable. And which AV products strip macros. Windows 10 Defender; deletes doc when opening! (excessive) Symantec; no warning, no block, no delete LibreOffice 6.3; …

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