QR Codes and Keyboard wedges

QR Code; like a barcode label but it encodes data vertically as well as horizontally. Packs a lot of info into a small space. Iphone has supported since iOS11, Android has got support Summer of 2019ish.

Keyboard wedge; software driver that injects key presses. Your cell phone could pretend to be a bluetooth keyboard.

Android Software; ScanPet can scan via Wifi. the Windows program that recieves the keypresses is VNC which is an established program for remote control. The original VNC protocol allows a maximum 8 character password, and ScanPet enforces passwords longer than 8, so RealVNC may be required as it supports 255 character passwords. As of this writing TightVnc and RealVnc support 8 characters.

Windows Software; CodeTwo QR can scan from webcam, screen, file can create. NO keystuffing, auto copy to clipboard

No conclusions yet, this article is still in process…

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